Sole distributor of JLG's products in Algeria

About us

Experts point to a number of factors regarding Algeria’s enviable economic performance. Crude oil has long been Algeria’s main export product, but the country’s economic growth in recent years has been based on performances other than those of the hydrocarbon sector. The Algerian economy is diversifying and this expansion, both laterally and vertically, means that there are many activities on the ground to thank for this expansion.

Food processing, agriculture, public works construction, and mineral extraction and processing are all growing sectors in Algeria. New factories, processing plants, bridges, hotels and mines are being built all the time, and with all this construction underway, a large amount of machinery is needed to carry out this work. And once the facilities are complete, reaching high and hard-to-reach places, such as warehouse roofs and ceilings, undersides of bridges and high wall peaks, requires specialized equipment to transport materials or materials. technicians where regular maintenance is required.

When it comes to bringing people or objects to heights, machines such as elevators, cranes and telescopic manipulators come into play. The most closely associated company in this class of products is JLG, the world leader in so-called “access equipment”: machines created to access these hard-to-reach places.

Based in the United States, where he is the market leader, JLG has been designing and building world class access machines since 1969.

(Left) Tim Morris and Wayne Lawson of JLG with Yassim Outemzabet, Managing Director of Fayalift and Faustino Comisso of JLG in Bauma in 2010.

our strategy

The three key elements of our strategy:

  • Increased specialization (sales and after-sales)
  • Extension, strengthening its regional presence
  • An excellent after-sales service on all JLG products marketed throughout the Algerian territory.

Our mission

Provide products and solutions that are recognized for excellence in quality and value, seeking further leadership in the Algerian market we serve.

Provide a superior level of service, focused on the specific needs of the clientele.

Follow a policy of proximity vis-à-vis private and public companies.

Establish a work environment that encourages creativity, innovation and integrity.

Develop the talents of all our employees, so that they can reach their full potential.

To be good citizens in the markets in which we operate.


Since a bill of sale does not end with the signing of a purchase order, FAYALIFT insists in particular on the development and quality of its after-sales service. We have set up a very important stock of spare parts, capable of responding to the most urgent requests of its customers.


The repairs can be handled by telephone in liaison with a technician workshop or of course by displacements, in a time varying according to the availability of the technicians and the planning.


Maintenance contracts will also be established and may be offered at the time of purchase.


FAYALIFT also attaches great importance to the training of technicians and machine operators.
Technical and material courses will be organized regularly.
The establishment of Algiers has a classroom specially equipped for the training of operators and technicians.